Diary of A Broken Wing Everything Writing

Its The Rookie Talking!

I kind of prefer to refer to myself in the passive format. Not I, she.

She over-thought, but could never figure out who she actually was. Her shadow was not black, her soul was not white. She had shades. Vibrant.  She would say, “I feel like I have bathed in the Rainbow.” Hordes of experiences later, she gave up trying to dress in any one particular hue. She knew she was unique.

She was Water. She could suit herself perfectly well wherever kept. She knew no discomfort.

She wanted to be the wind; Strong enough to blow her own hair as they did in movies. And sometimes cupid enough to initiate a sudden passionate kiss on that cloudy stormy afternoon.

She wanted to explore the nooks where you nurture your deeply paralyzed secrets and the corners where you harbour your strangest fears.

She was weird to the world.

She was God to herself.

She was You.

Hey there everyone. That was me; with, well, ahem,  quite a bit of an ornamental introduction I presume.

This blog, it just happened out of the blue. Nothing planned. Tonight I just had my dinner and decided, “Let’s do it!”

I have not yet figured out what should my blog be about, I have no idea. Yet, I think that’s how we should all do things. Sudden, impulsive, just open your heart to capture all the Life that’s out there and don’t just listen to it. I say, dance to it.

Afraid of failure? Yes, we all are! Of course. I mean, I am not even sure whether this blog will work out at all or not. Does it stop me from going on wasting my precious midnight study time with all this blabbering when the exams are knocking (read banging) on the door? Why should it? I like it and I will do it!

I am not much of a religious person, but one thing I do always try to follow.

Bhagavad Gita says “not to worry or desire for the result but perform one’s Karma”
Just do it. And leave the rest of it to Life. After all, that’s the best teacher one can ever have.

I guess it might be getting a little claustrophobic in here with all the advice. Yeah, I know you are perhaps sick of them by now. A few heartbreaks, a few fragile friendships, some late night not-feeling-matured-enough-to-deal-with-this-whole-new-adulthood-thing realizations later, you do tend to get sick of a lot of things, advice topping the list.
Trust me, She too did.
All I just want to say for now is just
“Love the life you live.

Live the life you love.”

There ARE reasons we love Bob Marley!! Don’t we? *winks* 😛

That’s all folks!!

(I guess everyone’s got that Looney Tune playing in their heads. If not, man, your childhood WAS dull! )
I should just stop talking now.

Goodbye. Take care all. Till I bore you next time.


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