To All The “L-O-S-E-R-S” Like Me Out There

In a word, You are a Loser.
You know that.
You can’t do a single thing correctly. You suck at work. Your grades keep getting poorer and poorer. You try to wear the Clown’s hat among your friends coz you pretty much know, without making a joke of yourself you have no quality that can keep you at par with them. They are way ahead of you in the race called life. All your relationships suck. You get dumped all the time. Your family life is in jeopardy. You can’t face yourself in the mirror. Your glittering past seem to pose a sarcastic threat to the present you. You simply suck! Yet you murmur the same old word or two of self-reliance and try to look up. In a word, You are a LOSER.
You try harder, you try your best, and still somehow things manage to go wrong. And thus there is no one you can make believe that you tried your best. They will show you sympathy, which you hate, but you have no word to say coz the awful results are blazing right in the eyes. Of course it’s the results that should reflect your efforts. Somehow somewhere something’s not right. No matter how much you scream in your head, you can’t make the world understand how much you have put into it. And then comes the self-doubts. May be you truly are worthless. May be you have not tried hard at all, you were just sympathizing yourself all along by believing in your abilities. And then you dedicate every bit of your existence into the next work. AND INEVITABLY YOU FAIL AGAIN!  In a word, You are a LOSER.


 You can’t tell anyone about what got in your way, how many things in life you had to deal with while you were at it. The world thinks it’s just about that guy/girl who broke your heart, because that’s the only time they saw you surpass your threshold of overwhelming emotions in the open; but you have matters such sordid yet delicate that you can’t just prove them wrong about their notions. Matters that desiccates your insides and poisons your dreams. Matters too sensitive to be expressed, but too ghastly to endure. In a word, You are a LOSER.
You start hating people who give you advice worthy of pulling yourself up. You feel they just see you as a poor lost hapless soul who needs guidance. You gradually become so frustrated with yourself, you take failing in everything for granted. You begin to start every little endeavour with a pessimistic attitude, and thus the outcome is never a miracle on the other side of the interface. And from doubting your self-potential you start believing in your triviality. Now even you mouth with the world, “In a word, You are a LOSER.”
I know these. I am a Loser too.
We pathetic losers! We have just easily passed every test to be approved as one. What haven’t we tried? Initially it was Katy Perry with her “Fireworks”; gradually our being a failure outgrew inspiring books, quotes, songs or movies, overdid The Great Depression phase, rendering each one of us into a passive morally ambiguous person to merely just a talking-breathing carcass.
And now even though you realise you Had the potential, you have lost all your enthusiasm to revive.
What should we do? Is there no way?
I feel, there’s one, and only one.
Think if it this way. You have failed in a lot of things. How many of them did you actually heart? May be it was a compulsion, or simply an absurd superficial contest which you put yourself into just driven by some blind sentiments.
Okay, so your overall grades are poor. Look closely, there is at least something in which they don’t really dim that bad. Pick it out and work hardest on that. You are no genius to excel in all. I am not asking you to lower your expectations or splice your dreams. Just bring them to the ground level, pinpointing them into smaller goals that are easier for you to achieve.
Set up a proper aim. Don’t just put all at stake for anything and everything. Coz, by the time you would be done losing it all, it will be too late to retry. Figure out what you should do and what you should not. And then, go for it. Be systematic in your approach.
Realise your weaknesses and drawbacks and carefully work on them. Or just simply avoid doing stuff that will emphasize on them. There are millions of other things to do. It won’t be the end of the world.
So , you’ve got problems, right? Well, who have not? You are probably jaded by now hearing about how great men struggled in their lives. Well, at least for once, instead of pushing those stories aside with the excuse of generation gap or social alteration, think about it. May be this time that Inspiring Youtube lecture won’t seem that much boring.

Lastly, never ever give up on your passion no matter whatever happens. Coz, the truth is , You can never really fail in something you sincerely love from the core of your heart. (N.B. this does not apply to that obnoxious ex you were “infatuated” with). This is something that you never get bored of doing, never get tired of pursuing. So, my piece of advice, don’t listen to the world for this one. Just be sure of this, when you love something, it can never yield negative in the long run. Every field of work is equally good and significant. So if you haven’t yet figured it out, your passion, think over again. Yes, it’s right there, nurtured inside that small pumping organ that’s pumped with adrenaline now. Found it? Now go, run forward!!!!! The world waits.


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