The Fallen Leaves

                            The Fallen Leaves
See how I gather up the grains of sand..

Torn strips of memories, careless in a tired hand..
As Time summons me upon the podium of Rebirth..
I choose to stay lost;
Holding onto the last bit of Earth.
Moist from my damp tears..
I have now triumphed my fears..
Late at night..when the city sleeps..
I retire on the cradle of Despair,
Singing lullabies of a broken heart..
Into my eager ears..
Aah..what a comfort the pain is!
And when the sun rays suffocate behind the window panes..
Death in my dreams..Impervious curtains..
Life has been a mirage to me
Beauty and Truth..,Impostors set free..
And then when I came across you..
I got a clearer view..
Of the infinite darkness beneath my feet
One tottering step forward, and the defeat..
But..see..here I have got the unfailing star..
Holding my hand..
Not luring me to fake happiness..
Just letting me stand..
Under Her calm light..
To sustain me through Your night..
So I am not gonna give up smiling..
I will live on the edge till My star is shining
Even if you try to give me the push..
I will stay firm..and steady..
But not turn back..for I am not ready..
To face you again..and rejuvenate my bruises..
I will LiveCan you hear me?
I will liveas I am,

And just let it be.. 

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