Its Only Words

And then there are times like these…when words pent up but cannot be expressed. You close your eyes and light a candle in your mind and try to read your walls. Somehow, however, Light scares them away. They shush each other and hide further obscure. You lie, you suffocate, you gasp, you sigh, you scream and you cry. You become concerned about losing your touch; silenced by the inexplicable fear of being deserted by words…as they fly away from you like the fallen maple leaves or the infatuations your heart has witnessed.
Still, you write, at these times. You take forever to bring one word out of their hibernation or desperately begin escaping one….Your tired conscious stealthily stepping into the deep secret chambers and recognizing the willing ones amongst tons of rebels…Yes, they are Words!
It’s only words.

words engraved on a stone wall


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