I hugged you,
My desperate arms clutching onto every bit of your soul…
My olfaction dreaming into every bit of your sweat, brimming up in the panorama of merging of two souls..

My finger touched your skin, I was burning , with fever, fever that tells you this is the end of your Life, and start of two together…
I looked up at your chin, at the small calming smile that lingered all over your face, and I owned it, I knew.

This small mole on your left chin, I own it. Let me name her Infinity.

Those frowns that line your forehead when you are angry with me, they are mine, dear! Let me touch them, serendipity….

That small little glee that pops its head in your smile , I own it . She’s Rain.

The color of your eyes that converges into mine, Ours, call it Mystic.

The touch of your breath on the nape of my neck,before you kiss me, its yours! You own me in your breath.

The quiver of your lips against my shivering nakedness, The music my hands play on you as you lie inside me… OURS
Let us conceal it from the universe,
the explosion of you that I can withstand, will bring Creation at a standstill.

Your singing sweetness that drips as you close your eyes inside me, I own it, I have named it Courage.

As your disposition Explores my nooks and corners, I take the time out to name it Fire.

I own every bit of you, Just as you do
You’re mine and I’m yours.


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