We are hurt by our own plethora of boundless expectations in every singular aspect that we encounter…
We design things, rooms….build houses, cities, nations…..witness the birth of galaxies, create our very own Universe within seconds inside the nooks and corners of our subconscious.
We indulge ourselves to dream big, bigger, biggest …. We dare to open our minds to Infinity….
We imagine ourselves to float across the clouds , to stretch our wings to fly atop mountains, to migrate continents, to traverse oceans…to take a dip into the Elixir of Life…
And we thus thereby give ourselves a lot more priority than we deserve…
We blindfold ourselves to manifest epitome of selfishness….without even realizing it …. being so overwhelmed by our own insubstantial needs and sky-high hopes….that we tend to forget the address of the grounds, the smell of the grass….

And when someone’s conscience collide with our dimly lit blunt thoughts…We are too prepossessed to realize ourselves…
And that’s when we are HURT…

ALL Hurting in this world begins with a misunderstood expectation and ends with a crimson gleam on our minds, shed by the right illumination you need…from the doppelganger conscience that reflects you ….


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