Letter from a Potterhead

Dear Miss J.K.Rowling,
 Hope this letter finds you and your pen in good health and spirit.
Today I had a dream. A midwinter afternoon dream.
A few days ago I read somewhere about Albus Severus Potter. What I vaguely remember is that some of us are speculating him to be the successor to his father, the boy who  lived , Mr. Harry Potter. That is expecting another similar series from you to captivate our whole bland magic less  world for another decade or more.
What I dreamt today, was mere stupidly childish. For once I felt my mind revisiting my 12 year old self. I figured myself inside Hogwarts, friends with Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, Luna and the whole bunch, though not quite with Mr. Potter himself .
I dreamt of my whole seven year tenure there within a few minutes ,with my own hilarious ventures there. My special mahogany-polished wand from Ollivander’s , which did prove to be ridiculously disobeying me with almost every known spell that I muttered in my sleep.  The way to ensure it’s just a dream is when you discover yourself gorging on a KFC chicken bucket at dinner. However, the climax of the dream was achieved with that epic scene from the last movie of the franchise  where Harry breaks off the Elder wand and the three friends stand hand in hand at the edge. Just then, I saw Professor McGonagall murmuring to an inquisitive newly admitted First year( NOT ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER) , “Harry Potter can be anyone!’’ (Well, maybe you are thinking Nolan by now, it’s a dream come on! This much is permissible)
What I am trying to say here is, what Harry Potter signifies is the very basic universal truth of the ultimate overpowering  of the good over the evil, through thrilling pinnacles and ceaseless lessons about Life that helped shape a whole generation.
I think with more and more social media and heartless “emotions-in-a touch” spreading like a mycorrhiza inside the veins of our very social existence ,  its high time we need another Harry Potter, To “Lumos “ a generation inside the narrow alleys of thinning boundaries between the right and wrong, to “Alohomora” the secret pathway to achievement of inner depth and wisdom, to “Expelliarmus” any obnoxious practice of ours that we choose to stay blindfold towards, to “ AvadaKedavra” all self-harming threats to the moulding of young minds.
And as I have heard rumours of the sequel featuring Harry’s very own son, I personally would prefer if the next Hogwarts hero rises from a not-so-known background. He need not be another Horcrux himself, he need not have special powers conjured unprecedentedly from another dark wizard, need not be a Gryffindor…. but let him be just another little wizard , preparing himself to be the light that illuminates and protects Hogwarts forever from all the evils . Let there be newer adventures , newer perils, and  let the new Potter unravel newer ways to combat them.
Underneath, I mean to say, let another Harry Potter emerge to turn our gazes from smartphone glares to Books once again. To make us believe in ourselves, to help another disoriented generation regain faith in growing up into a responsible adult.
Please, J.K. Rowling, do this bit.
Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,
A Potterhead

P.S. Looking forward to Newt Salamander though! 



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