To the youth

It pains me sometimes to see Facebook and all of the Internet flooded with beautiful (ignoring the radical ones) spiritual posts from religions other than Hinduism,  though all those quotes and ideals are equally relevant for each and every person in the world , notwithstanding what religious sect he belongs to. Rarely I come across any post remotely related to Hinduism and it turns out to be either a mere picture of an idol and stupidly claiming “share in 60 Seconds or bad luck will follow” terrorising the major portion of the society who merely dances to the tune of religious fear rather than religious awareness. The youth in this secular country with a Hindu majority are bound to question the existence of God and express their doubts over some
meaningless rituals of our religion that does exist, I admit. But, the right way to earn their faith back into the most ancient and most advanced religion in the world, The Sanatan Dharma is by exposing them to the endless treasure trove of wonderful philosophy and scientific relevance that forms the foundation of Hinduism. Instead, the unfortunate radical factions of our peace-loving Hinduism, like the RSS and Shiv Sena and others, who are merely misusing the religious background to serve their own selfish inhuman interests. If we Hindus start losing faith in our ageless religion, thats the moment we surrender to terrorism, anti-nationalism and radicalism and all other terms that have been doing the rounds lately. I, as a staunch and proud believer in my religion, can boast of being a believer in humanism,secularity and equality. Religion or Dharma originates from the syllable “Dhri” That means To Hold, i.e, the religion itself originated to hold the human mind together so that all our mortal duties can be peacefully executed while remaining surrendered to the Supreme Lord. The Vedas and Upanishads and Puran, we often brush off our mythological backdrop as utterly impossible, but, if read and understood meticulously, I assure you, you can uncover scientific truths and advancements in India like never before. All the words that have been spelled in The Gita, can anyone question their truthfulness and relevance and necessity in today’s context?  Overall, my point is, don’t try to find fault with a religion , be it your own, or your brethren, find fault with yourself and the people who commit the most heinous crimes possible in the name of religion which is sacred and pristine. The sun gives us light, a beautiful flower blossoms in the sunlight.. And somewhere else a beast rapes a person, under the same sunlight. Does the sun becomes responsible for either? Question the criminals, question their knowledge deficit before becoming adamant and disgusted about Hinduism. Just think, RSS also preaches Hinduism, Swami Vivekananda also did, on an international platform moreover! Can you for one moment disrespect the latter? The answer lies in your own mind, in your own analysis in what to choose to believe and who to love and who to condemn! To end with Swamiji’s words:
“You cannot believe in God until you
believe in yourself.”
So lets condemn the religious criminals , not the religion itself! Instead of posting hate messages about Hinduism, read up our scriptures and analyze yourself, and if it suits you, try spreading the beautiful principles that the religion upholds,and do away with the hate posts.



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