Somewhere in the middle of a nameless nowhere;
She lay,
In pieces of petals…
The wingless butterfly.
 Desperate breaths while lined her despondent futility,
She calmly awaited…
The masked herald of lifelessness.
The sad elegy the white flower sang atop her,
As moments of waiting passed…
Was the last thing she wished to drench in.
Nobody ever knew how she missed her caterpillar days;
Days of limited gifts and unprecedented peace…
How she hated to stretch her blatant wings amidst fields of ponderous yellows or blazing reds…
Or how the pesky pollen begged her to make love to another monotony on their behalf…
So today, tears of happiness evaporated from her sunken eyes..
As a sigh of relief faded pieces of her broken wings away,
Far, far away….


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