The Unsung Melody of Innocence

The sun shone the brightest on them..
Flirting with all its flamboyance.
The sun-kissed blessed blooms of the season..
The sun burnt me with savage gleam..
When the rain fell,
The drops graced their voluptous beauty,
They blossomed.with all their grace..
Timeless beauty dazzling on their petals.
Rain never cared to reach me..
When He was there,
 Oh, the messy wind..
They danced and swerved to his mystic charm..
Careless laughters lay all around..
Promiscuity smiling along..
The wind never forgot to rape my simplicity..
They were Grace in its finest form,
Finesse they brought out of the Creator..
Beauty was their coldness in perfect disguise..
The prettiest flowers in all their youthful glory.
I was one.
One tiny little mishap on the edge of a weed.
A nameless grassflower.
 I was born to be Ignored and pruned out.
To be dried up before I even lived.
And so I did.
I died my destiny.
But not without leaving a forevermark..
I wrote down my story ,
In the big bold letters of glory,
On the pages of Innocence,
Dripping with the first found joy of Unknown..

A clueless Child’s mind.

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