The Light of Life

Came to this world as the pristine most soul,
Engulfed in the radiance of truth…
Failed to perceive the moment the shield of ethereal illumination,
Was sundered apart.
And I fell..into an outre’ abyss of condensed darkness.
The light of my eyes extinguished,
Sagacity snatched away from my immortal self.
Stood alone,in that deadly darkness..a soul,
Devoid of the power of perseverance.
My vicious self emerged from its slumber,
A somnolent virtuous me..faded into oblivion..
Oh! Will the night never end?
It’s an unbearable ordeal!
I want light;pure light; light as white as the flowers on the grave of my vile soul.
A light that refracts through my mortal existence..
A light that assembles all the lost purity back into me..
Light of Life,the raison-d’etre of humanity..


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