The Fable of Creation

The waves beckon with their mystifying melody
My soul speaks in soliloquy
Unaware of the quandary that shapes the words.

In the emerald hue of the dawn, the flute plays..
Bestowing melancholy all around.
Yet the heart floats blue paper boats
Inspiring a ripple in the deaf stillness of the Id.

The fire has pacified the tears,
 The Universe whirls inside me…
He gave me wings of desert stars and crown of the first cry of life…
My skin was shed into rings of smolder,
A naked soul was soaked up into the aura.
I Became One….
With the candle flame, or the breeze that caresses treetops.

Open up your mind and you can hear me…

Whispering in the mellifluous rivulet
Or the songbird’s secret. 

Image source – Google



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