Cold Comfort

Don’t pray me to be by your side
At the dead of the night,
Wish me to gift you goodbye
At daybreak…
As the new chapter unfolds
In blushing vermilion light,
Write your story with her pen,
Across the frozen lake.

I cannot offer tears or kisses, 
Or feelings that flutter their wings,
Or morsels of sour-sweet love
That adorn the corner of a home.
You cannot undress my secret, 
No happy ending it brings….
Only squall of darkened sighs 
That devour a soul without fathom.

You dream to look up at your love, 
And smile as you wade through living…
I wish to shield my icy breaths 
From the feeble warmth in my veins.
You wish to pursue her undulations 
And smell open her pleasure of giving,
I dream to create another universe 
As we make love under the rains.

So, forgive me, and do not forget; 
The wounds of desire I carve on you…
Run your fingers over my windows, 
Breathe in the make-believe peace.
For soon enough you will see me no more, 
In the snow or in the dew…
Search deep among her furtive, 
You might find our leftover goodbye kiss.

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