6 Pros and Cons of Knowing Your MBTI Personality

Always being high on the over-thinking meter, I’ve often wondered if I suffer from multiple personality disorder. That was before an eccentric nihilist INTP introduced me to the Myers Briggs Personality Types.

I took the test with the enthusiasm of that of a Buzzfeed quiz on a Sunday afternoon, though I won’t deny there were some elements of anticipation of discovering myself as an INTP as I’ve been crushing a bit on the INTP oldie I mentioned above.

Well, the site took nanoseconds to load the result following a humongous, mentally exhausting test, and there it was – it showed “INFP, The Idealist” (Dreamer/Mediator are alternative terms used often).

As I read through, I became intrigued, it wouldn’t be completely wrong to say “awed”. Wow, I never knew my quirky, whimsical, tough-to-put-into-words nature is actually a real personality type which I share with 4% of the global population. Goosebumps!

Anyways, since then, I have found myself rather obsessed with the nitty-gritty of INFP and MBTI stuff. Starting from “Gosh Johnny Depp is an INFP too?” to “How is an INFP in bed?” – I left no stone (read sites/blogs/articles/news) unturned.

However, aided by the friendship of the aforementioned Ti, I put some rare logical insights into this latest obsession of mine, and here I offer you the Pros and Cons of knowing your MBTI personality, exclusively from a personal perspective.


1. Career

I’m at the peak point of life when career demands utmost importance like a clingy boyfriend. And topped with my indecisiveness, the MBTI test helped me know the career types best suited for me and thus I took a step ahead and arrived at a decision, finally! Though I wouldn’t recommend adding your MBTI type to your resume, still, if you find yourself puzzled about a career path or stuck in a job you hate, you might like to know your type.


2. Relationships

Okay, so at that point, I was facing serious issues in my relationship. Knowing the personality type and their demands and drawbacks in a relationship, helped me figure out the true self of mine, and do away with the induced behaviour I was actually rehearsing in the relationship. In my pursuit of “being nice”, I was, in fact, changing myself into a completely different person as per the demands of my partner. I later learned INFP people are famous for holding onto toxic relationships. Often if you’re stuck at the juncture of coming to a conclusion in a relationship issue, reading in depth about your personality type from trusted psychologists and researchers will guide you.


3. Strengths and Weaknesses

No one knows your strengths and weaknesses better than yourself, still we often find ourselves discontent under the influence of others trying to imply otherwise. Knowing in details about your type’s forte and drawbacks will increase your confidence and thus you can easily “listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the f*** you were gonna do anyway”


Coming to the CONS.

4. Losing your Uniqueness

Particularly if you’re a Feeler and Perceiving type, you might feel that all of your talents and individuality are not unique, which is often self-deprecating if you’re in an emotionally vulnerable position. Also, you might be brooding more about those weaknesses you discovered. Trust me, we all are different and effing amazing in our own extraordinary way.

Barney stinson in how i met your mother HIMYM saying to Robin I'm 100% awesome and you know it.

5. “I’m an INFP, procrastination is what I excel in”

This is possibly the worst con of knowing too much about your MBTI type. You start to justify all your actions by your personality type and even though it sounds cool on the lines of nihilism, it is not. It will only make you more externally dependent and less socially adaptable in the long run.

gif lazy guy laziness condition

6. Come on, you know this.

Trying to go out on the next date after putting your MBTI type on Tinder Bio and secretly wishing the matches know their MBTI type as well? ( I have got to date in accordance with that colourful compatibility graph!) – that sounds like borderline crazy. Though MBTI type is a well-researched outcome, the old school way of getting to know a person slowly and steadily is way more romantic if you are indeed looking for long-term. And if you browse through Reddit or Personality Cafe, you might as well find MBTI red flag matches claiming to be “madly in love” and vice versa.

gif showing emma stone saying This is the best

Take Care (and take the test if you have no idea what I blabbered about on this post. Link provided above)

P.S. Here’s Johnny Depp in case I bored you

johnny depp looking sideways

All Image sourced from Google




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