8 Items In My Purse That They Will Never Talk About

Who hasn’t come across a boyfriend offering to hold your purse while you head to the washroom, and then hear a clichéd joke about “The Mystery of Women’s Purse” afterwards?  Or how about modern-day comedians rummaging through one looking for content? New Laugh in Old Purse? I’m sure all you ladies have guffawed heartily at the quips (Remember when Ross asks Phoebe for gum? Phoebe’s Handbag  while deep down somewhere the feminist in you sulked in vain demanding a take on the Men’s Wallet.
Trust me , this is not a Feminism or Equality or Strong Women, Grrr! post you need to gear up for. In fact, I was facing some aforementioned “stereotype” struggle to find the tangled earphones in my purse when this idea struck me like the sole raisin in a bland sugar-free sweetmeat.
I noticed a few things I carry in that pretty peach storehouse of mine that don’t fit within the overwrought brackets. So, here are the things that I guess some (if not many) of you do make room for in your purse which have carefully evaded the satirical glare so far.
  1. BOOK
Yes, I’m a bibliophile. No matter where I go, I always carry one , often two in that bag of mine. Have you ever tried reading an actually book while being jostled to near-death ( like Jon Snow in the Battle of Bastards) in an office-hour metro? Give it a try , totally worth it to rejuvenate you at the start of another mundane day.
http _mashable.com_wp-content_gallery_book-lovers_matilda-reading.gif
Source: Google


  1. Pen and a Pocket Diary
Yes, That’s right. In the age of Evernote, I still keep a pocket journal ( I use the former as well though) to capture and scribble down all those random musings that whirl and swirl around my head all the time. When was the last time you used your pen to write a thought?
Open Blank Notebook with Ballpoint Pen on Top
Source: Google


  1. Hand-Sanitizer and Soap-Paper strips
Take it from a Microbiologist, you’re not safe even if we take out all the creeps from this world that contributed to adding the pepper-sprays to our handbags. Germs are the nearest thing to an omnipotent God. Though I won’t deny that I attract quite some frowns when I take out the Lifebuoy sanitizer before I pop that first golgappa in, but what’s the harm in staying a little safer?


Source : Google


  1. Candies and Coins
They’ll all talk about the chocolates that apparently a women can’t do without. But nobody ever mentions the Eclairs and Chloromints and Mango Bites that the grocer/stationery shop hands you over sporting the most innocent smile in the world. And those stack up in the corner of my purse, neglected like the bottle opener that comes with the nail-cutter, sharing space with the “Pulse”s I buy on whimsy.
Also, I live in Kolkata where autowallahs give you the glance The Mountain gave Oberyn , if you hand them over a big note and expect the change back. So, needless to say, in the overlooked side pocket of the handbag , I keep a galaxy of coins.


Source: gifsoup.com
  1. God In A Pocket
That Pocket calendar that my mom hands me over because it has a smiling God/Goddess on the overleaf showering with blessings, to ward off all the evils .


Jai Santoshi Maa 3
Source: Google
  1. Aspirin and Menstrual Cramp Pills
You ought to have Aspirin if you’re a modern urban woman in India, balancing society and women emancipation along with yourself on those stilettos. And every man who nervously giggles about tampons/sanitary napkins, hardly knows about these little beauties that keep you smiling all day at your desk job even when it’s a WWF match “below the belt”.
Source: tenor.com


  1. Microfiber
LOL, no. I’m not talking about nanotechnology in my purse. It’s the small microfiber cloth I keep for cleaning my specs from time to time.


Source: Harry Potter Wiki


Endless number of ticket stubs, coupons, vouchers, useless pamphlets, restaurant or grocery bills that I never look at twice and throw into the bin during the ritual handbag cleaning session once a month.


Source: Citytv

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