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I Love You Is Passé, 8 Phrases That Make Us Happier

“I love you”

The hackneyed three-word phrase that has been glorified by Classic literature since Shakespeare, put to the peak of overemphasis in eighteenth-century novels and poetry, cherished for centuries in rosy melodies and blushing poetry, exploded into the silver screen with the advent of the motion picture and since then been added as the predominant goal of human life on Earth, to say it and hear it back…

However, with these three words been assigned almost some level of omnipotence with the power to align our emotions with its very touch, and the  whole human race behaving as some kind of Pavlov’s dog to the very sound of this over-attributed phrase, I cannot help but to some extent agree with Tom Hensen’s rather logically emotional monologue from 500 Days of Summer in this context :

“It’s these cards and the movies and the pop songs, they’re to blame for all lies and the heartache, everything.”

Today, let’s be honest, “I love you” has lost its worth as an inevitable consequence of over-amplification, perhaps.

So here am I, a lonely voyager, to present to you the other three word phrases that are perhaps more relevant and necessary for us in the ever-evolving 2018.

1. You Are Hired

You have to admit, no Whatsapp text laden with weird yellow stickers making the kiss-face (emojis!) can match up to the adrenaline rush these three words send out to our hearts today. In the age of Tinder and hook-ups, people will come and go (sadly), but to hear this for the first time in your life is indeed, surreal.

Source: Google

2. I Am Here

In an age which is characterized by abrupt full-stops and unexplained discontinuation, intensified by the scary darkness in the unhinged nooks of our discrete bubbles, we fail to remember that we are indeed social beings. At the end of the day, when the pillow bears witness to our tears, fears and whispers, these words from someone, a friend, a parent, sibling or a lover, can provide us with the assurance of the much-sought peace.

Source: tenor

3. I respect you

What is needed more in a world where equilibrium is being sought to be established between the two constituent sexes in all aspects, than this. Mutual respect is what is more important than love, to maintain a re-defined relationship in the present day. Once in a while, affirming this to each other is necessary.


4. Here’s Your Order

Okay, not to trivialize the emotional aura I have created, but let’s face it, food is a basic need. And in the age of time outrunning the ever-working us, when someone says this placing a smoking plate of heaven in front of a hungry you, ah! the bliss!


5. I Am Listening

When all we do is talk, talk and talk, be it in voice, text, pictures or words, we forget to do what follows immediately after, listen. And amidst the deafening sounds of self-advertising, if you chance upon someone who says these words and thereafter can “comfortably share silence” with you, you’re indeed lucky.

Source: Laughing GIF

6. I Trust You

Often this is failed to be uttered, but we cannot overlook the immense power of these three words together, that can make a phoenix rise from ashes. The power of these words can instil morality even in the coldest heart.

Source: Google

7. I Will Wait

What we lack today above all other things, is patience. It is an effing rat race from the moment we set foot on the soft earth of this planet, and nobody has the time to stop and wait for a fellow marathoner. Be it in any situation, from the nearest one to a stranger, somehow this phrase stirs a certain sense of belonging and undue faith that is significant in a world of dwindling compassion.

Source: Tumblr

8. Are You Okay?

When we are desperately trying to express ourselves and feeling like exploding into nothingness with all our pent up untold stories, we crave for someone, at least someone out there to place a gentle touch on our heart to see if it’s still beating. At those times, these three words, if coming unexpectedly, can help us stand up and face the world again.

Source: tenor.gif

Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments below what according to you are most important three-word phrases other than I Love You.



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