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I reached puberty early. When most girls didn’t even know what the TV ads meant, I started using the sanitary napkins. I used to wrap myself up in them and watch Cartoon Network over lunch.
Needless to say, my body developed at an age when my mind would be unconscious about it. Despite my parents’ endless efforts to “protect” me by imposing a ban on sleeveless dresses or miniskirts from sometime around class 4, I had to face SEXUAL ABUSE, MOLESTATION, HARASSMENT ( call it whatever name you want) in every place I went, including School. Yes so #metoo

I have faced sexual abuse, touched inappropriately, been felt up down there in the crowd, made to feel his “manhood” as a mere child of 10 on a crowded bus, groped on the breast when boarding a train even with my dad holding my hand, peeped at while showering or changing, asked to share provocative pics, and all this began from a tender age of 8 or 9 when I didn’t even know the existence of a penis that gave the opposite sex the indomitable power to treat us like the “SLUT” we are. 

Family members, friends, neighbours, and of course strangers, nobody has left to lay their fair share of fingerprints on me, and what more? Some of them are proudly adorning my friend list on Facebook and elsewhere even now.

Why? Because, “This happens with everyone, Ignore.”
Yes, IGNORE. That’s what we have learnt to do after failing to scream in mute, Please don’t touch me, Please don’t.

Even now, I cannot pucker up the courage to tag those “friends” on Facebook who has made me realise “my position” in this society, in this country, in this world.

So, I implore all you women to share your story as well with the hashtag, so that when another man reads it, a little stir will be there in the hand with which he presses the like button. And if someone is bold enough to tag those who did it with you, my Salute to you Lady!

Share this if possible, spread the word.



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