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5 No-Cost Make-Up Hacks To Turn Heads

Okay, so now that you are here, I am going to share with you the secret super easy recipe to turn heads the next time you go out. What’s the best part? You need not spend a single dime and the effect is pretty permanent. Ready for it?

Here we go.

1. Make Up Your Mind

This is not what it sounds like, I am not saying you suffer from indecisiveness like me, I mean to say, apart from rouging your cheeks, add a little more blush and glitter to that intellect as well. Read up about a new fact or idea and smear your own passion over it, Voila! You go, girl! Choose what suits you best for the day, and learn a little more in-depth about it. Example, if you’re heading to that Halloween Masquerade, why don’t flaunt some lesser known Halloween facts along with that strapless LBD and grab the limelight of the party! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

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2. Make Up The List of Reasons You Love Yourself

Existential crisis kicking you hard in the middle of the busiest week?  Here’s something you can do. Make a list ( pen-paper, .docx, .pdf, in your mind: all formats allowed) of the things you love about yourself. Relax, it need not be all philosophical. You can simply put in ” I love myself because I cook the best Maggi” and you will only get five-star validation of how much important you are. Brag shamelessly, make this a habit. So next time someone tries to bring you down before others, you can give zero F-s about it.


Source: Giphy

3. Make Up Your Confidence

Social Anxiety, eh? Rushing to the water cooler repeatedly before a presentation or dodging all parties with sick excuse is no long-term solution. There are endless ways to build up that confidence of yours. Find out one that suits you best, and in no time you can rule out all those fumbling and fidgeting and nervous grins. Who knows, there might even be a motivational speaker lurking inside you.


4. Make Up A Smooth Personality

Random mood swings and impulsive actions confusing you about who you truly are? “I’m already 25 and I don’t even know if I like this job or not.” Do not compare yourself with others, delve deep and find out what you truly want for yourself, who you actually want to be. You need not laugh at a joke that you consider insensitive, or keep people in your life who are major red flags to your self-growth. Be what you please, then watch them stagger to deal with it once your best is unleashed.

Source: Fanpop

5. Make Up A High-Resolution Image of Yourself In 10 Years

There’s a quote I once heard,

“If your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough.”

As much as it is okay to cut down on daydreaming, that should not inhibit you from foreseeing a bigger, better, more awesome version yourself in another ten years. Each day, work towards changing your dreams into goals, and goals into achievements. Shift+Del all the “cannot”s and replace with “Let’s do this”. I will be waiting in line to get your autograph or click a selfie with you in another ten years.

Source: Imgur

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I believe in you,

Now you should do it too.



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