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Start These 12 Things In Early 20s or Regret Later

Ah, the 20s. As soon as we step into it, it’s a whole new world on the other side of adulthood. Suddenly we begin to feel like a completely different person, and this is when the actual foundation for the future “you” is laid, which will stick with you till the end.

So, it is always advisable to upgrade yourself into a better version and shape a brighter future.

Here are 12 Must-Do’s that you should include in your itinerary once you blow out the twenty candles on your cake wishing to be someone someday.

1. It’ Time You Decide Who You Want To Be

So far you’ve pretty much spared more thought on “what” you want to be, career-wise. However, that will not define the person you’re going to be, so make up your mind about who you see when you visualize the future you and work your best in becoming that.

Source: MotivationGrid

2. It’s Time You Start Saving

Remember the piggy bank that bought you your first cricket ball or notebook? Well, as you’re already twenty, start saving up little by little , again. One might argue that if we don’t splurge on experiences in our early 20s then when would we. Then again, you want to get your own car, or buy your dream home or that Europe tour with your family you fantasize; so, open a bank account, name it “Dreams” , and get going !

Source: Love This Gif

3. It’s Time You Think About Others

How about you skip the dinner date at a fancy restaurant today and instead talk to those little children out on the streets in the cold as you hand them out some chocolates and smiles? May be this festive season, you can do away with one less Ralph Lauren shirt or Dior handbag, and donate a minuscule part of your budget for relief operations in Assam devastated by heavy floods.

Source: Disney

4. It’s Time You Start Feeling Grateful

How many times in your two decades and a few of living, have you ever thanked the hands that fed you, bred you and nursed you? Recognize the untiring and selfless efforts of your parent(s) and guardians for bringing you here today, and if possible once in a while, a small gesture of Thank you and I love you will do wonders.

6359402160295430652026066720_Rory and Lorelai.gif
Source: Odyssey

5. It’s Time You Start Keeping A Diary

Yes, may be you are lucky enough have friends to call up at midnight and do the drunk weeping over your ex. Yet, there are still things deep down that you shudder to share with anyone which just suffocate the hell outta you at those sleepless 4am-s. Get a diary, and spill them out, and you can keep it hidden from the world but feel a whole lot lighter, trust me. Pen and paper too old for you? Try out  a digital diary (like I use Evernote)

Source: Goodreads

6. It’s Time You Start Keeping Track Of The World

Think you’re too young to waste time on boring political spiel? Well, the nation has considered your opinion valuable since you were entrusted with voting responsibility at mere eighteen. So think this way, unless you are aware of what happens with the world, how can you feel suitable to thrive in an age of overwhelming globalization? Spend a little less time on reading up on who Taylor Swift was spotted with last night and perhaps little more on Syria.



7. It’s Time You Start Reading

Maybe you’re not much of a book person, but, dear, unless you actually start you can never know what a treasure trove you’re depriving yourself of. I guess the fat, boring school books scared you once, so now start with a few bestsellers or motivational memoirs of eminent achievers in the world. Gloss and glam up that amazing brain in you and you will be a force to reckon with, trust me.

You can start with these: Buzzfeed List of Books For 20s

Source: Best Animations

8. It’s Time You Start A Healthy Lifestyle

Maybe the all-night Netflix and chill with extra cheese pizzas and beer sound awesome today, but what you don’t know is how slowly it is eroding years from your lifespan. Read more here: Junk Food Shortening Lifespan

So, it’s better you start piling up more on fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins, do a little bit of workout daily and follow a proper sleep schedule. No issues if you’re more productive during midnight hours, just ensure you get proper 7-8 hours of sound sleep. A healthier body image of yourself will automatically kick-start a more productive day.

Source: Nutrition Nourishment

9. It’s Time You Stop Ignoring Your Emotional Well-Being

Hello. Please don’t frown at the heading. Mental health is the most serious and most overlooked health issue today , especially affecting youngsters like you and me. No matter if they tell you to just chill or that it’s just your PMS hormones, if you think you’re uneasy with yourself for too long, do not cocoon yourself into an outcast. Speak up about it, seek help if need be. Above all, look after yourself. It happens to everyone, trust me. Me too. Start loving yourself now, you’re amazing, believe it.

Source: Imgur

10. It’s Time You Start Being Independent

It’s okay if you don’t have a job. Being independent is not synchronous with financial independence, know this. It means starting to manage your daily life on your own. Try to depend more on yourself for every little thing that you do, be it a simple polishing your shoe or doing your dishes. No worries if you screw up, nobody perfects something at first try.

Source: PopKey

11. It’s Time You Start Learning

As your favourite actress Natalie Portman says

I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.

Let’s face it. All this time, all you’ve done is study and study more. When you subject your thirst for knowledge into a mundane routine and top it up with the anxiety of grades, the inevitable result is that in no time you lose your interest. So, now is high time you learn things that you’re passionate about. Enrol for that German class, start with the violin lessons, join that Pottery workshop or do that Community Journalism course online that you’ve always wished to. A decade later, when you would perhaps be buried neck-deep in responsibilities of your new start-up or in that top position, you would be glad you learned now.

Source Imgur

12. It’s Time You Cut Down On Your Vices

Do you identify yourself as a short-tempered person? Or a chain smoker? Or simply someone who cannot speak up in the face of wrongdoing? If you’re brave and sensible enough to realise, then believe that you are strong enough to challenge these vices too. Replace with virtues and moral values that suit you and redefine a newer, better you.

Source  Gfycat




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