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Why #JusticeForAsifa is Just The Beginning

What worries me is that soon all of this will die down, Asifa will just cease to be another name beneath the pile of “real life” struggles we all face day to day until something even more unimaginable and gruesome happens with another girl.

Over the past few days, the nation seems to be seething in a volcanic rage as soon as the news about Asifa surfaced on the internet. As much embarrassing as it is that the international media needed to highlight this shocking incident for us to take notice. No, a rape is no more shocking to us, it happens every hour in India, even the rape of a 28 days old baby girl is overlooked easily just by scrolling down, we are that much accustomed to RAPE. What truly made the brave (no, enough saying “poor”) little Asifa to turn heads, was when hundreds thronged the road with the tricolour held high, in SUPPORT OF THE RAPISTS. Now that’s something first in the history of human existence perhaps.

It’s truly a hypocrisy when someone gets offended by India being referred to as “the Rape nation” by people around the globe. Remember how you had glorified the generic cultural bullshit about India to your firangi friend? Now its the time we admit that rape is an integral part and parcel of that culture we speak about. I will not dig out rape from the pages of ancient or medieval history, that’s the job of our beloved politicians.

You must be knowing Nirbhaya, unless you are a baby girl born after 2012 and already raped and murdered. Remember how we dreamt of a utopia where women will no more need pepper spray in their handbags and men will respect consent? Hah! the joke is on us now. Back then we had thought humanity can sink no lower, but they proudly proved us wrong.

What worries me is that soon all of this will die down, Asifa will just cease to be another name beneath the pile of “real life” struggles we all face day to day until something even more unimaginable and gruesome happens with another girl.

Maybe up till now, I have been a little too harsh, my own anger seeping through my words. Let’s daydream for a bit. A future land, devoid of women (coz obviously, all of us have already been raped, murdered, torn apart) where our “protector” men fuck, fight and kill each other thereby bringing poetic justice to our tortured souls.

Just a gentle reminder for all of you who carry on illogical whataboutery about #justiceforasifa or #metoo and scream your lungs out about men’s rights every time you spot a feminist: Remember dear, once the pedo cannibals are bored of the girls, they might try tender boys as a change of taste.

Okay, enough of the goriness. By now, you are probably dialling the mental health helpline to report me. All I am trying to say, is not to let this fire die. It is entirely upon all of you sensible men and women, to keep this movement alive, till our girls truly are a little safer. In a week, #justiceforasifa will probably take a backseat in your Facebook timelines when Thanos lands on the Earth. It is natural, after all, we get to live with “Hope” and “Positivity” (no matter how elusive it is in these trying times). Just don’t let this outrage entirely die down in the pile of deafening screams of thousands of Asifa or Jyoti, which went unheard as well.

The few of you who are still left there with a tinge of humanity in your bones that prevents you from searching “Asifa” in porn sites, now it is up to each one of you to take up the baton and carry it forward to safety.

Maybe next week when you are writing about a super cool thing Black Widow pulled off in Infinity Wars, leave one sentence in the end, reminding about Asifa, and how important it is for our women to learn self defence skills in this new India filled with depraved vultures. Even if your post is entirely unrelated, about a dress you bought off a crazy bargain or the new dish you tried, try to sneak in the hashtag #justiceforasifa, just to brush our memories already coated thickly with pseudo nuances of a “civilized, liberal” nation. Maybe your one hashtag can stop fifty of your friends from getting comfortable in their rose coloured glasses once again.

And, for God’s sake, cry out, speak up, stop, fight back, just fucking REACT, the next time someone touches you inappropriately, or you find your fellow passenger being harassed. Even call out the next sexist joke or misogynist lyrics you come across. Speak up next time your boss objectifies or ogles at a female colleague at the office party. Yes, it might delay your appraisal, but you can save a life. Because today if you do not bother about someone’s uninvited touch, tomorrow he would not also bother to rape you. Who knows, maybe he will even call up some of his fellow pests to feast on you.

NO, IT WILL NOT BE ALRIGHT. It only gets worse from here. This is the time to act. Just the attitude, the anger, the horror that’s not letting you sleep today, look at your daughter, mother, sister, cousin, girlfriend, and for their sake, #keepitalive.


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