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Congrats! We Have Officially F**ked It Up

A few years ago, when I stopped my parents from installing an air conditioner in our home, citing environmental reasons*, little did I know that the decision was going to haunt me big time in 2018.

*(and on humane grounds – honestly, at that innocent age, it didn’t feel okay to me that I’d lie all cosy in AC while half the city doesn’t even have a decent roof to thrive under)

With past few days of insomnia (thanks to the unbearable heat) taking a toll on my peace of mind, I take to my blog to write out my frustration.

When we shifted to this house ten years ago, this was really a place you would love to live in. It had quite the suburb feel, with greenery all around and a wide stretch of fallow at the backside. The cool breeze in summer afternoons was fragrant of ripe mangoes from our backyard trees. On lucky days there would be a Kalboishakhi (summer storms) followed by some torrential rain. In monsoon, you would find the glistening treetops swerving to the mystical tune of falling rain. Never did we see any waterlogging in our area. Winters were perfect too, with just the right amount of sunshine warming you up through chilly North winds. Bottom line, summers were bearable.

I have always secretly loved being in air-conditioned rooms in college or at a friend’s place, but I have conditioned myself to be equally comfortable in my non-AC room as well. In fact, with so many trees and marsh-pockets around, it never got too much hot, even when the entire city was complaining of being barbequed.

Hardly 4-5 years later, the green cover around my home quickly changed into proud highrises where new families crave for a drop of happiness in dingy “little boxes made of ticky-tacky”.

My mom, and later me, were well into gardening. We never trashed the road. We don’t even own a car; walking, cycling and public transport suit us just fine. So you can say we were not among the first-grade environmental offenders, maybe? And foolish I was, thinking that our small contribution would actually make a change.

You see, when the entire world around you is determined to flood the pothole-ridden streets with glamorous car models that fart toxic gases and moan deafening screams when honked, you cannot really do much, except for turning into steamed momos each summer.

I came across a Facebook status where the person highlighted how city people save the environment

Cheer and support the cutting of 100 trees for a new mall. Then keep a cactus pot in your balcony. Update your profile picture in some tacky green frame on 5th June. Voila! You have saved the planet.

He could not be more correct.

No, this post is not entirely for raging about a morally crippled chunk of the population who snigger at the rising mercury levels while throwing out plastic bottles on the roadside from their car windows. (FYI, I support Anushka Sharma for calling out that ‘gentleman’ on his not-so-civilized behaviour of littering the road unnecessarily). If you are have read this far without closing the tab dejectedly, I am presuming you are someone who really spares at least one thought about the planet before littering public places, using polythene bags & plastic cups, or turning a blind eye to a tree being cut down. I won’t make this any longer, you know the deal. It’s simple, we have had hundreds of Environmental Education classes on this,

  • Plant more trees (Stop rampant deforestation)
  • Say no to plastic
  • Go for eco-friendly alternatives for your daily-use products
  • Stop Littering
  • Don’t waste water
  • Switch off lights/fans & other appliances when not in use
  • Use more public transport. If possible, walk or cycle (It’s good for your health too)
  • RECYCLE as much as possible
  • Be environmentally conscious
  • Spread the word

The ten commandments of the beginner’s guide to going green. Simple as that. Like and share. And start today.



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  1. ‘Cheer and support the cutting of 100 trees for a new mall. Then keep a cactus pot in your balcony. Update your profile picture in some tacky green frame on 5th June. Voila! You have saved the planet.’

    So well-put!

    Liked by 1 person

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