Everything Poetry travel


This city has the prime of life boiling in her veins…
Neon carlights glow up her moans
Through endless cups of coffee and whirlwind weekends
She seeks peace far from her epicentre
She keeps forgetting the scars on her shoulders,
Eroding slowly with so many sighs at the dead of the night…
When a lonely gasp erupts from behind locked bedroom doors
Under strings of tiny lights that drown broken dreams on Instagram filters
This city wakes up with nostalgic insomnia
Pining for faraway latitudes and longitudes
That match the heartbeats at airport

This city looks into your eyes when you find no one to drunk dial
This city welcomes you with a aroma of freshly brewed youth
Surrounded by blurry blue hills
This city cannot wait to wake up, soak in the warm sun and forget the muffled crying inside office washrooms

This city doesn’t want her sun to set


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