Poetry Writing


Do you know they asked me a thousand names before they settled on the twilight?

Blurry hands were being waved at distant trains on the canvas

And he flew kites, whose tails got entangled into the autumn blooms

They say fall is the season of despair in beauty

They, who have never seen the moon cry on a rainy night atop a hill

The Alpine smell engulfed the barefoot flower monger

She tiptoed on the steamy mirrors pining for the love that left her naked and cold at dawn

At a rooftop table, long-lost letters were exchanged
While the city watched the festive season fade into twinkling stars

As the desperate lover wound through dingy alleys of the old city,
Looking for the perfume that left paramours sleepless
The two made love for the last time wrapped in the sweaty waves

And then they asked me the thousandth name,
Before settling on twilight.


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