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Unity? Who?

1. After Gandhi was assassinated by a former Sanghi Godse, Sardar Patel had sternly called for a nationwide ban on RSS. When confronted with this bitter pill, in 2009 Advani had remarked Patel did it due to pressure from Nehru.

2. Nehru didn’t conspire to deprive Patel of his “rightful” position as the first PM of independent India, rather it was upon Gandhiji’s insistence that Patel stepped back, much unlike what Modi brigade has been propagating

3. Patel’s attitude towards Babri Masjid controversy did NOT in any way back the demolition

4. I remember reading in a book how efficiently Patel handled the segregation of Hindu & Muslim families post partition, which makes him equally responsible for partition as the other perpetrators

So why is the saffron party so hell-bent on upholding Sardar Patel as the new face of the nation?

Congress already has Gandhiji, who, despite all the controversies, still continues to smile inside everyone’s pockets and enjoys the constant limelight, be it green or red.
BJP needed an icon to contest Gandhi. Unfortunately, the RSS ‘heroes’ India had during the independence era were unabashed sycophants of the British. What to do then?
Imagine, if it was staunch ‘nationalist’ Savarkar instead of Sardar Patel, or even an obscure Deen Dayal Upadhyay, either it would have invited a wave of controversy and given a weapon to the opposition, or plainly ignored by the public.
Hence, Sardar Patel.
A person who has equally contributed towards Independence but has been overshadowed by the dynasty politics in the years that followed has been resurrected very cleverly by this Govt.
Let’s see where it goes. *Grabs popcorn imagining pale blue currency with Sardar Patel’s watermark*


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