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Wish You Were Here

-“So, so you think you can tell”
– Yash, you’re looking so pale
– “Heaven From Hell….”
– Are you okay, honey?
– “Blue skies from pain”
– You got wet in the London rain again, hai na?
– “Can you tell a green field”
– Yash, please, are you okay?
– “From a cold steel rail”
– Baby, please listen to me. Can you hear me? Your video froze
– “A smile from a veil”
– Oh my God, Yash, what’s that in your hand?
– “Do you think you can tell?”
– Yash, put it down, please put it down baby
– “Did they get you to trade”
– Fuck this shitty network, Yash can you see me?
– “Your heroes for ghosts?”
– Oh fuck no, no, no…
– “Hot ashes for trees?”
– I can still hear you Yash, please don’t do it, baby, please
– “Hot air for a cool breeze?”
– For fuck’s sake Yash, this isn’t a joke
– “Cold comfort for change?”
– Yash, baby, I love you, Yash, please. I can still feel you around me
– “Did you exchange”
– Baby please, don’t, please. I love you so much
– “A walk on part in the war”
– I can see your room again, where are you? Yash, Yash? Yash?
– “For a lead role in a cage?”
– Oh God! What is happening? How can I hear you from behind me?
– “How I wish, how I wish you were here”
– I…. I….. Yash, you’re…. you’re………here………


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